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2017 was the year of change for the club; renaming of the club, restructuring our objectives, rethinking our strategies and shifting our focus towards development of younger players (under 9 through to under 15) in order for the club to ensure it has a healthy future ahead for many years to come. These younger players will become the future of the club and have the opportunity to play at provincial and national level if they are selected. 

The club felt it’s time we have our own identity and independence and focus on the awareness of LSEN (Learners with Special Educational Needs) which includes the Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Intellectually Impaired and Physically Impaired.

We are also a newly registered Non Profit Organization (Registration number 200-100 NPO) which will put us in a better position to achieve our objectives for the club and the players.

We have embarked on a new journey and with the relationship we have built with the school they have given us permission to make the school our new home. We are in the process of building a clubhouse at the school and we also want to build a cricket academy specifically for differently abled players. The upcoming 2020/2021 season Differently Abled Cricket Club will have 3 teams participating in the Northerns Cricket Union (NCU) league, DA 1, DA 2, DA 3.  

With our new constitution we not only want to develop the cricket skills of players but also want to create a skills development program for our cricketers in order to attain the required skills for the workplace.

We are the only club of this kind in South Africa and we would like to make it our goal in getting other regions to follow suit! 


Our History

Northerns Cricket Union (NCU) and Transwerk decided to form a partnership to promote Differently Abled Cricket. In July 2007 a steering committee was formed to start the process of club structures, policies and constitutions. An office was built at the cricket oval in Kilner Park to house a full time administrator employed by NCU. The chairman of the steering committee was Danie Coetzee of Blind Cricket assisted by Neil Rynners (NCU) and Carel Victor of Police Cricket Club.

In September 2007 the Transnet Rail Engineering Cricket Club was formed and the club constitution was adopted. It was decided that one team would participate in the NCU club league (players from deaf, intellectually impaired and special schools made up the team). The club played it’s first game in the 2007/2008 season after sight screens and practice nets were erected.
In 2008 Thinus Pretorius took over the chairmanship of the club and blind cricket was introduced in 2009 with T20 and 40 over formats. Games were played on Sundays at Kilner Park.

In 2009/2010 two extra teams were included at the club and also playing in the NCU league; Transnet 1 (No disability), Transnet 2 (Deaf and Hard Hearing) and Transnet 3 (Intellectually Impaired). The 2010/2011 season also saw a Transnet 4 (Special Schools) introduced.

In 2014 Johan Muller took over the chairmanship of the club and Transnet 4 also withdrew from league due to the high standards of the league. The club also started playing as Transnet Engineering in NCU league with 3 teams; Transnet E 1 (Deaf), Transnet E 2 (Intellectually Impaired) and Transnet E 3 (No disability).
In 2015 Gerard Kroese took over the chairmanship of the club and held position until 2016 when Comfort Mphahlele took over the role. The club required another field for league matches and FH Odendaal High School was approached and they have been kind enough to let us make use of their facilities.

In 2017 Christo Pelzer took over the chairmanship of the club and Differently Abled Cricket Club (DACC) was reborn, doing away with the name of Transnet Engineering . Transnet has for many years supported the program but due to financial constraints and cost saving cuts they haven’t supported the club for years. We have adopted the principle of not being ashamed of who we are and hence the name Differently Abled Cricket Club will remain the name of the club going forward.