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For any club to be successful it needs the help of companies, individuals and the community alike and a steady financial income base.

We are a newly registered Non Profit Organisation (Registration number 200-100 NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (Registration Number PBO 930063226) we would like to invite any person or company become either a Partner or Friend of the Club. Each and every sent that is being donated will be used solely for the club and what we stand for, the development of Differently Abled Cricket players and upkeep of our facilities.

We have many options to choose from and we also have ample advertising space available for companies that do indeed want to become a part of the club.

We can also offer you a unique Team Building experience as well, contact us for more information.

Our chairman has also made his vehicle available to be branded by businesses who wish to advertise (travelling daily between Pretoria and Johannesburg), also a unique opportunity to have your business exposed.

Become part of something special, become part of the club!

Our banking details are as follows:

Differently Abled Cricket Club






See below some of our Friends / Partners that are involved, support them as they are supporting us. Any contribution is welcomed and we will gladly put your logo with those who already support us in many different ways.